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Corpus of Czech Verse

Corpus of Czech Verse
The Corpus of Czech Verse (CCV) is a lemmatized, phonetically, morphologically, metrically, and strophically annotated corpus of Czech poetry of the 19th century and of the beginning of the 20th century. Each lexical unit in the corpus is provided with information concerning its basic entry-form (lemma), phonetic transcription, and grammar categories; each line is provided with the indication of its metre (iamb, trochee,...), length (n-meter), ending type (masculine, feminine,...) and the metrical formula. (Currently, only metrically syllabotonic lines are annotated.) As to higher levels, rhyme pairs, or n-tuples, and fixed verse forms (sonnet, rondel,...) are annotated. The CCV data are both downloadable for free, and processed via user-friendly online tools .
Basic Features of the CCV
  • 1 689 poetry collections
  • 76 699 poems
  • 2 664 989 lines
  • 14 592 037 words
CCV Content

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