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European Poetry: Distant Reading (2023-2025)

Petr Plecháč, Robert Kolár, Silvie Cinková

Albeit poetic traditions differently across European languages, there is no doubt they have formed an interconnected network. Similar phenomena often occurred in different parts of Europe in close time proximity, be they certain themes, motifs or poetic forms. The project aims to model the most relevant aspects of such relations of 19th and early 20th century Czech poetry to "big" European literatures, as well as the mutual relations among these "big" literatures themselves by a machine-driven analysis of respective poetic corpora. The main areas of interest are threefold: (1) themes and motifs, (2) references to a real-world objects, and (3) formal versification features.

Stylometric Analysis of Poetic Texts (2017–2019)

Petr Plecháč, Robert Kolár
GA ČR 17-01723S

The project focuses on authorship attribution of versified texts based upon a wide set of rhythmical characteristics. It is planned to (1) create a reliable model for authorship attribution of Czech versified texts, (2) analyse selected Czech versified texts the authorship of which has been questioned or is not known, (3) investigate the employment of verse stylometric analysis in literary history (e.g., periodization, influences of other authors), (4) investigate (in cooperation with foreign experts) the employment of analogous models in authorship attributions of Russian, English, and German poetry.

POSTDATA - Poetry Standardization and Linked Open Data (2016–2022)

Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Madrid (za ÚČL: Petr Plecháč)
H2020-EU.1.1. - EXCELLENT SCIENCE - European Research Council (ERC): 679528

The project will lead to the creation of a digital platform for poetry edition targeting different kind of users: scholars with academic purposes who want to work on critical digital editions, non-experienced uses that want to read, share and learn more about poetic traditions and also companies who will use this resource for different application in fields like education, psychology, tourism or cultural purposes. Accessibility is considered one of the key considerations to ensure the success of the platform so all technologies used will be hidden to most users. In this way, the platform will offer a user-friendly environment for people who do not posses any technical computing abilities. http://postdata.linhd.es/

Neruda's Verse (2015–2017)

Jakub Říha
GA ČR 15-19820S

Within the grant project, a monograph on Jan Neruda's verse is being elaborated. The monograph focuses on analysing basic aspects of Neruda's verse (metrics, rhythm, rhymes, and strophes) in the context of Czech and European verse traditions.

The History and Theory of the 19th Century Czech Verse (2011–2015)

Robert Kolár, Petr Plecháč
GA ČR P406/11/1825

Within the grant project, the Corpus of Czech 19th-century Verse (CCV) was elaborated. The CCV contains texts stored at the Czech Internet Library , which were lemmatized and phologically, morphologically, and metrically annotated. The phonological and metrical annotations were operated automatically by the Květa computer programme, which had been designed by Petr Plecháč. The acquired data are continuously published via online applications on this website. The final outcome of the project is monograph Chapters from Corpus Verse Studies .

Institutional Projects

Úvod do teorie verše (2013)

One of the educational intentions of the group is to introduce those who are interested in the field to its current state. The result is book Introduction to Verse Theory ..
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