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This website presents the research activities of the Versification Research Group of the Institute of Czech Literature, CAS , a detailed account of the Corpus of Czech Verse project, and free tools enabling you to process data it contains.

Originating at the close of 2012, the Versification Research Group puts together verse theory experts from various departments of the Institute (including Theory Department, Editorial and Textological Department, and Department for Research into 19th-century Literature). The group continues the tradition of the original versification research team of the Institute of Czech and Foreign Literatures, CSAS, which was composed of the members of the then Textology Department (Miroslav Červenka, Stanislava Mazáčová, Milada Chlíbcová, and others, and the external researcher Květa Sgallová). The team's research activities are put into practice in individual and collective projects.


Events presented in the time zone: Central European Time – Prague
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This website was created with support of the Czech Science Foundation as part of the P406/11/1825 (The History and Theory of the 19th Century Czech Verse) and 17-01723S (Stylometric Analysis of Poetic Texts) projects and with support aiming at a long-term, conception-based development of a research institution (no. 68378068).
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